Hollis Motorcycles specialises in craftsman-built motorcycles, using top-quality materials and parts to attain a ‘modern vintage’ look.

Following the success of the Type A, Hollis Motorcycles is pleased to announce the ‘KTS’ range of models based upon the versatile Hollis rigid frame, and girder forks.

The range is designed to help those wanting to run a spare engine but without the skills to engineer a frame and forks, and is perfectly suited to a wide variety of pre-1980 British engine applications including singles, twins and v-twins from:

Royal Enfield

The KTS frame is hand-crafted for each application and is styled on classic designs from the 1920’s to 1940’s.

Available in various build stages from full rolling chassis to just a bare frame and engine plates, the KTS is a versatile solution for your engine and gearbox.


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